A Common Sense Proof that Hulda Clark
Does Not Have a Cure for Cancer


The Absurdity of Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark Uses Animal Parts to Diagnose Cancer!

        Sound far fetched? It's as absurd as can be. Below is a documented, step by step explanation of how Hulda Clark uses chicken, pig, turkey, beef, and fish parts, with crushed snails, to diagnose cancer and other diseases in human beings.

        Hulda Clark's General Hypothesis: Everything broadcasts a unique radio frequency. This unique frequency can be used to identify the thing broadcasting it like a finger print can be used to identify a person. (P.8 "The Cure for All Diseases" by Hulda Clark)

Hulda Clark’s Method for Diagnosing Cancer

(1)    Hulda says that ortho-phospho-tyrosine (OPT) is the “universal cancer marker”. If OPT is found in someone’s body, that person has cancer. (P.9, P.489 “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark)

(2)    Hulda uses her Syncrometer to test for cancer. The Syncrometer is an electronic device with two test plates, an audio speaker, a handhold to hold on to, and a probe to test the body with. The syncrometer’s function is to compare frequencies from different sources to determine if they are the same or not. If the frequencies are the same, resonance (similar to the way a radio tuner dials in a particular radio station) is said to occur, and a squealing feedback like sound is heard from the audio speaker to indicate a match has been found. (P.5,P.457-466 “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark)

(3)    Testing for Cancer with the Syncrometer using one of the three ways described. (P.481 “The Cure for ALL Diseases” by Hulda Clark) On one of the test plates, place a sample of OPT. On the other test plate, place a sample of the organ in the body being tested for cancer. Then probe your body for a frequency match.

Since finding a pure sample of OPT is next to impossible, and it is impractical to use human organs, Hulda has other sources to acquire the required test samples:

To Obtain a Sample of OPT: Feed snails fish food polluted with propyl alcohol. Freeze the snails to kill them humanely then crush them to get an OPT sample. (P.490 “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark)

To Obtain a Brain Sample: Get some pork brains from the butcher shop. Hulda claims organ samples from any animal; chicken, turkey, cow, pig or fish can be used to test a particular organ in the human body for cancer.(P.477 “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark)

(4)    The Procedure to Test for Brain Cancer using the Syncrometer:
Place some crushed snails to represent OPT on one of the test plates. Place pork brains to represent the human brain in your body on the other test plate. Then take hold of the Syncrometer’s handhold and probe in one hand and press the probe against your skin (P.463 “The Cure for All Diseases”).If you hear some squealing feedback from the audio speaker, the frequencies generated by the crushed snails, pork brains, and the human brain being tested, are resonating, indicating you have OPT in your brain, which means you have brain cancer. If you don’t hear the telltale squealing sound from the speaker, there is no resonance of frequencies, so you don’t have cancer.(P.464-465 “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark)

(5)    Hulda points out that you can easily test for other cancers in your body as well. All you need to do is replace the pork brains on the test plate with a different animal sample, for example, use chicken gizzards to test for stomach cancer, or use beef steak to check for cancer in your muscles. Hulda says “her original complete set of tissue samples were made from frozen fish. As it thawed, organs were cut away and small pieces were placed in bottles… the piece of intestine closest to the anus corresponds to our colon”, which can be used to test for colon cancer. (P.478 “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark)

        About Hulda Clark’s “universal cancer marker” ortho-phospho-tyrosine: A search of the words “ortho phospho tyrosine” and “cancer” on Google, yielded several pages of results. Every single website listed was a Hulda Clark related website. It seems Hulda Clark is the only person in the whole world who links ortho-phospho-tyrosine to cancer. This should tell us something about Hulda’s “universal cancer marker” and her 'animal part' method to diagnose cancer.

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